Golf courses in Spain – Mixing the old continent with modern life we will create the perfect scenario to combine golf and Spanish culture.

Barcelona Courses

Barcelona is one of Europe’s great cosmopolitan cities, a great base for any golfer wishing to sample the delights of the Catalan capital.View Courses

Costa Dorada

With an average annual temperature of 20c, the Costa Dorada is an ideal place to play golf and to visit the recently declared World Heritage Centre of Tarragona.View Courses

Costa Brava Courses

Costa Brava was voted the best emerging golf destination in the world in the year 2000, what more can one say about this beautiful area of Catalonia?

View Courses

Pyrenees/Andorra Courses

Peaks of more than 9000 feet tower above this area of outstanding beauty, which is a haven for lovers of the great outdoors, tranquillity or adventure sports. The Pyrenees area of Catalonia is truly a hidden gem.View Courses


Barcelona (and the rest of Catalunya*) has, in recent years become one of the most popular and desired destinations in Europe, due to its perfect location on the Mediterranean Sea, it’s fascinating Gaudi architecture, as well as Dali’s eccentric presence to the north on the Costa Brava, its superb cuisine, the huge variety of leisure activities or simply the football team.

*While people agree that the golf courses of Catalonia are truly superb, not everyoine agrees on how to spell Catalonia. The Spanish spelling is Cataluña, the Catalan spelling is Catalunya and the British spelling is Catalonia.

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